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Michael Iafolla

  I've been obsessed with music and dance for as long as I can remember. Music is a deep and natural language to the heart, and humans have been whirling around the campfire together to a shared heartbeat since day one. Whether playful or meditative, sexy or sad, improvised or choreographed, dance is feeling, and partner dance lets you connect to yourself and your partner and music like nothing else.
  I'm a born teacher and chronic philosopher who writes adventure fantasy when I'm too sore to dance. I began partner dancing in my early teens and danced competitively as the top leader on my university ballroom team
. I've taught and competed professionally since 2017. I grew up around Washington, DC (where I first became obsessed with tango after seeing it at the Argentine Embassy) and moved to San Francisco for school to pursue dancing and writing full-time. Currently I live in El Cerrito with my lovely wife Teresa and two cats who don't seem to mind the loud music anymore. 

Melisandra Russell

  I have been teaching dance & competing professionally since 2015. There isn't much I haven't taught but I keep an emphasis on salsa, bachata, argentine tango, west coast swing, American Rhythm  & American Smooth. I believe all styles of dance have influenced each other in some way and with an industry that constantly reinvents itself there is always something new to learn. This is one of the many reasons I fell in love with dance at a young age and my excitement for teaching & learning has only grown over the years.

   Dance has a unique way of connecting us to music, our bodies, our partners, & our audience. Social dancing brings another level to this experience of dance that other styles & sports can't match. Dance is its own language that has the ability to bring people together in the most joyful settings. I believe everyone has an inner dancer that in the right atmosphere can flourish. 


Argentine Tango
American Rhythm
American Smooth
West Coast Swing/Blues
Club Salsa/Cumbia/Bachata

Wedding Dances
 lgbtqia+ friendly

 Want to create a special 

 experience for your company 

 or celebration? 

 Hire us for performances/private   workshops. 

 $200 per hour & satisfaction guaranteed! 

Melifolla Dance highlighted in Sondango Music Video!

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