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The last few years have been hard on the dance community—organizers, instructors, & students alike. Starting Spring 2022, Melifolla Dance offers tiered pricing to help lower the barrier of entry to dance for everyone.

Below you will find our sliding scale pricing for private lessons & group classes. We work on a honor system, you tell us what level you'll be paying. That's it! The more students that pay our regular rate the more students we can offer Level 1 & 2 sliding scale.   Please note that all students that use our sliding scale our requested to volunteer 2-4 hours per month in the studio.

Volunteer work is scheduled Mon-Fri 2-10pm & type of work can be pre-agreed upon. Work duties include: sweeping, windexing, decorating for special events, checking in students for group classes/parties, & data entry. 

Our Regular Rate:

$100/hr or $77/45min

Sliding Scale:

$70 per 45 min

Sliding Scale for Private Lessons
(Single or Couple)

Base Drop-In Rate:

$16 per class or $25 for class & party or 2 classes

Sliding Scale:

$10 per class

$16 for class & party

Simply send us an email/text or let the front desk know you'd like to use sliding scale at check-in.

We do offer multi-class passes at a discount (see our pricing page). However for those that need more help or would attend more group classes if they could we are happy to offer the sliding scale.

Sliding Scale for Group Classes

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