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Pricing Tiers for Private Lessons
(Single or Couple)

The last few years have been hard on the dance community—organizers, instructors, & students alike. Starting Spring 2022, Melifolla Duet offers tiered pricing to help ease the burden on our community, lower the barrier of entry to dance for everyone, & provide an opportunity for those more fortunate in these times to support their community for years to come.

Tier 3: 

“Patron of the Arts”

Suggested for upper-level employed, debt free,

recent investment windfall, or career/competitive dancers

60min Lesson               $120-150

Tier 2: 

“Heart of the Community”

Standard industry pricing, suggested for full-time employed,

comfortable budget, or hobby/social dancers

60min Lesson                $100

45min                              $75

Tier 1:

“2020 Survivor”

Suggested for youth & college students, recently indebted/part-time/unemployed, new family budget, or low-income dancers. For students who use Tier 1 pricing we ask that you volunteer 1-2 hours a month in the studio. Please contact for more info.

45min                             $60

30min [Youth Only]         $45

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